This is a place where quality does matter.


We would like to introduce to our costumers our home made beer „Sladovňa“. Sladovňa is honest beer of the Pils type, which the Brewery Kromeriž brews for us.Its brewed according to the recipe of our brewer. Sladovňa has a golden colour, just a litle bit darker than common beer. The beer Sladovňa you can taste just in our restaurant Sladovňa.

Zlatý bažant

“Long range" beer, distributed all over the world from the US to Kazakhstan. Since 1967, the Zlatý Bažant has appeared in various interesting places: a table, a cup, a stomach, a backpack in a Nanga-Parbat expedition and Makalu in Africa, and even a trip around the world on a sailboat. In Sladovňa we draft the Zlatý Bažant light 12% and non-alcoholic Zlatý Bažant Bažant.


This is a legendary German brand, brewed by monks at the monastery in Munich since 1634. It is more than evident that they must have had great times at the monastery (occasionally of course). The monks also had a nice habit – they donated their surplus beer to the poor and needy or sold it at the monastery''s pubs. The folks in Munich appreciated this approach - unlike the competitors. Paulaner will do you really good - even if not living in celibacy right now. We are drawing Weiβbier 12,5%.


This immutable classic from Dublin celebrates 2009 its "1/4-millenium" of existence since its foundation in 1759. In that time, 100 £ was enough to rent a brewery for as long as 9 000 years. Good job, Mr. Arthur Guinness. Maybe you will realise after five pints that you speak fluently Irish.


Mc Chouffe-Brewery, founded in 1982, is nestled in the green heart of the Belgian Ardennes, and specializes in cooking high quality specialty beers. Arden products are easily recognizable thanks to friendly elves, which once adorned the labels. Elves and fairies are among the most famous characters in myths and legends of Arden. One of the products we offer is Spearhead LA Chouffe, golden blonde beer, which is characterized by a fresh and fruity taste. Her dark sister, Mc Chouffe, deserves title of "Scotch of the Ardennes". Sladovna – House of Beer is the only pub in Slovakia, where you can get this beer.

Pilsner Urquell

While most lagers give away most of their taste profile in the front of the mouth, Pilsner Urquell only hints at its flavour there. Instead, it develops you in the middle, followed by a refreshing, clean finish and balanced aftertaste, practically inviting you to have another. Earthy, fresh bread aroma with hints of hops and honeysuckle. Subtle malty sweetness with caramel tones from our open-flame triple decoction, Pleasing bitterness from the Czech Saaz hops, Different pours give different experiences. The classic Na dvakrat has a golden body topped with a thick creamy head. Hladinka is a smoother, creamier serve and finally, the Milko is presented as virtually pure foam giving the most aromatic and sweet of serves.


Surprisingly light 18% premium specialty beer full of caramel flavor with a higher bitterness, the original, which combine traditional mastery of our brewers and unknown master the arcane arts. Renowned Saaz hops gives the beer a unique flavor, blend the best of light and color with caramel malt, then a full caramel flavor and black.


The characteristic subtle aroma of Saaz hops prepare the taste buds to clean the beer refreshing taste with a pleasant flavor. Tapping Staropramen Light is a well-fermented beer with high drinkability and an alcohol content of 4%.


Limited Edition Löwenbräu beer, Munich beer brewed especially for this year''s Oktoberfest.You do not have to travel to Berlin, at time the Oktoberfest we serve this beer in Sladovna.


Is brewed according traditinal recipe since 1445 from unmalted wheat, yeast Hoegaarden and special ingredients. The name Hoegaarden comes from its natural turbit consistency and very light colour. After natural fermentation in the cask beer goes through a second fermentation process, which gives it its characteristic color yellowed straw.

Budweiser Budvar

The quality and uniqueness of Budweiser Budvar beer is based on the best use of domestic raw materials: top-quality cones of hops, assorted Moravian malt, its own special culture of yeast and pure water from 300 m deep artesian wells. Budweiser Budvar''s brewers with brewing using the experience gained and sold for centuries. And we are drawing also Budweiser dark beer.